Stain Removal Dos and Don’ts on Carpets

After a long, stressful day at work, you find yourself sitting on your sofa. Then you pour a glass of red wine or take the containers out on your coffee table and make coffee to take a sip while chilling because you like to consume some antioxidants. However, just before your leisure time starts, you end up looking away and spilling your whole glass of wine on your carpet. If this happens to you, what would you do?  

What would you do? 

Before you start to panic and call your mother, make sure to take a deep breath and read this blog post as soon as you can to help your carpet be restored and become as good as new. Though it’s always a good idea to contact the Seattle best carpet cleaning company, here’s a list of the Dos and Don’ts that apply in terms of carpet stain removal—such as coffee, wine, or any wet stain. Keep on reading this article to figure it out. 

Dos and Don’ts 

Do blot 

Take a paper towel or a soft cloth and start blotting the wet stain. Make sure not to start furiously scrubbing your carpet. You should aim to absorb as much of the liquid as you can. Scrubbing or rubbing the wet stain will just spread it even more to a larger spot. Put the towel or cloth on top of the stain and lightly blot. Keep on doing this step using dry and clean cloths until most of the liquid gets absorbed. Prevent pressing the towels until you can’t absorb the liquid from the stained surface anymore. By this time, start to apply small amounts of pressure until liquid can’t be seeped in by clean towels any longer.  

Don’t use stain remover 

It doesn’t matter if the stain remover is made from household ingredients or comes in a spray bottle, chemicals combined with wet stains can ruin the rug or carpet. This usually happens when such chemicals are combined with sunlight or heat from open windows and doors, or vacuum cleaners.  

Don’t use water 

A common belief that the combination of water and soap is the best means of cleaning any stain. But that belief is wrong. Water will only cause particular carpet fibers to get damaged, which makes the stain look even worse than it does now. This is specifically true when your rug or carpet is made out of wool blend or purely wool. What’s worse is that water tends to dilute the stain that’s already penetrated within the carpet or rug fibers, making it spread even more. 

Do contact a carpet cleaning expert 

Expert carpet cleaners have the resources, knowledge, and skill to eliminate any stain from every source. With the help of using the right chemicals that are just right for your rug and carpet, professional carpet cleaners can deal with the wet stain, even after it’s dried up. Moreover, the right methods and tools they use will leave your rug and carpet as good as new.  


Road Trip Preparation for a Better Trip

Who doesn’t love road trips? Who doesn’t like to just feel like they are able to just feel like they could leave everything behind and enjoy the time that they have, who doesn’t like to just leave like that? Going on a solo road trip can be fun, and what makes it more fun is if you take care of the prep work first and do what you can about it.  This ensures that you are doing the best you can of the whole ordeal. 

So, in this article, there are some prep works that would make the road trip a smooth sailing trip to everywhere and nowhere. So, grab your map and throw your dart, you’re about to embark on a new journey.  

  1. Prepare for Car Emergencies  

You should have a toolbox in the back of your car, so, that when there are car emergencies it is just as easy as going and fixing it. If you get into a pinch you should have the number for a 24 hours tow company Wichita KS in your phone book. So, that when you need help you have someone you can call for assistance. Make sure you have spares, warning devices and flashlights. Those things are what you need the most in time of emergencies.  

  1. Routine Maintenance for the car  

To avoid any likely car emergencies, make sure to visit your auto shop first, for routine maintenance. You get a much smoother ride and with less problem if your car is freshly checked and maintained. Your mechanic would be able to check in on your things well without any problem, as well as you get to catch brewing problems ahead of time. Drive easier and drive safer.  

  1. Bring in Blankets and foods  

Whoever goes to a road trip without bringing in some food and cozy blankets when you need to stop by on the side of the road. You can, in all honesty need to bring that. Just bring in a small box, put in a pillow, a blanket, some socks and cozy hat for your head. In another box you should also put inside extra water bottles and some crackers, a pack of mints, an extra map and you’re good to go.  

When all of your prep work is done, all that is left is to haul yourself into the car and drive to wherever your heart’s demand. It is something that you may want to think about and something that you may want to feel like you are someone who is free as a fly. So, go do it, and don’t worry about it too much.  

Going into a road trip and having a time for yourself. To just look up with yourself, to just be who you are, you shouldn’t be scared. Have fun, go fast, go slow, but always be responsible. You don’t want to put anyone into trouble because you were reckless. Let go and see the world as it is.